About us

Alkon Handels GmbH was founded in 1989 by K.- W. Brömmelsiek after working and living for a total of 8 years in Korea.

During all these years we have concentrated our activities on the export of plants, machinery, equipment, technical components, spare parts as well as the import of industrial ceramics to, respectively from Southeast- and East Asia.

Overall 40 years of business experience in Asia form a solid base for our suppliers and clients.

Starting from the successful initiation of business connections we guide our customers / suppliers through the mutually beneficial order-handling up to the delivery and successful installation / start-up of equipment and machinery.
But also here our service certainly does not end.

In our markets, we cooperate with local partners, who in addition to extensive market-knowledge have excellent technical experience and close personal contacts with the local customers / decision makers.

This provides the basis for our many years of successful work.

Considering existing discrepancies in mentality, way of thinking, communication and business-expectations it is our aim to avoid misunderstandings between business-partners both in Asia / Europe from beginning on.

By this we can help to eliminate extraordinary costs and extra trouble for all parties.

To ensure the required continuity in our business, Konstantin Brömmelsiek joined Alkon after he gathered business-experience in the Automotive Industry.

This will allow us to continue our strong efforts dedicated to all our partners in Europe and in Asia.